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What’s Going on Under Those Potted Plants?

Potted plants offer more than just a nice way to add a little green to the interior of your home. Fresh vegetation can lift your mood and help oxygenate the air as well! But living plants need to be watered regularly—and that means there’s always a risk of over watering and a little leakage. Depending on the type of pot you use, discoloration and damage can occur under and around the base from:
• Mold or mildew growth due to excess moisture trapped underneath the pot
• Pigments being leached from the pot itself onto the floor or rug beneath
• Mineral deposits and stains from iron and other materials commonly found in tap water
• Dirt spilled from the edges of the pot
• Plant debris that’s dropped off and begun to decay
• Depressions caused by a heavy pot sitting in one place for too long
• Scratches from moving the pot by shoving rather than lifting
Regularly Check Rugs and Hardwood under Each Potted Plant
Here are five simple ways to limit and prevent damage to rugs and wood floors:
1. Get help to lift heavy pots instead of scraping them along the floor.
2. Clean up any moisture and allow wet areas to completely dry before replacing the pot.
3. Sweep or vacuum the area around potted plants and use a crack/crevice attachment to pick up any stray dirt or debris.
4. Rotate your rugs and regularly reposition any pots on them to prevent depressions in the fibers from becoming permanent.
5. Place a protective felt mat between the base of the pot and your hardwood floor (don’t use a rubber, PVC, or plastic pad since these materials may discolor hardwood).
If you do find damage when you check under your potted plants, contact our professionals right away. We can repair damage to both rugs and hardwood if it happens.

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