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Frequently Asked Questions

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Rug Cleaning & Care Questions

Cleaning intervals will depend on how much traffic the rug gets.  Rugs located in hallways and busy areas of the house should be cleaned every 8-12 months.  Rugs in rooms that are rarely used can be cleaned every 1-2 years depending on their use.

Not all stains can be removed, even with professional cleaning.  The kind of stain, length of time it’s been on the rug, and the general condition of the fibers, all play a role in stain removal. Things such as pet urine, coffee, tea, and alcohol can permanently discolor or re-dye the fibers.

Having a soil repellent applied to your rug helps keep stains from forming.  A soil repellent will give you time to soak up spills, or clean off dirt from your rug.  It will also help make your rug clean up better after a professional cleaning.

Make sure to vacuum your rugs often.  Vacuum your rugs at least once a week, more often in high traffic areas of your house.  Doing so will keep your rugs in good condition.  Also make sure to clean up spills as soon as they happen.  If left too long, they can create stains that cannot be removed, even with professional cleaning.

Rug padding is important for any rug.  As a cushion, rug padding keeps the fibers of the rug from grinding into the hard surface underneath, lengthening the life of the rug.  Rug pads can also prevent sliding of the rug.  Ask about what kind of pad would be best for your rug.

  • After the rug is inspected, the rug(s) are dusted on the back and the face to remove embedded soil.
  • The rugs are then washed with soft bristle brushes and special rug shampoo.
  • The soap and soil is thoroughly rinsed and 90% of the water is removed.
  • The rugs are groomed and hung to dry in our climate controlled drying room.
  • When the rugs are 100% dry, they’re brought down for final quality inspection, vacuumed, groomed and prepared for pickup or delivery.

Any rug can be repaired.  From simple edge binding to full restoration and re-weaving.  Pricing is dependent on the type of repair that is needed.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you decide what is best for your rug(s).

The key to removing pet urine odors from your rugs is to start by eliminating the contamination that causes the odor. This can only be removed with our special pet treatment, which includes things like a full saturation flushing, thorough washing on both sides of the rug, and an odor neutralizer that helps kill the odor causing bacteria. Some store bought products only mask the odor temporarily. 

The price for oriental and area rug cleaning is based on the size of the rug(s) being cleaned. Once the square footage (Length X Width) is calculated, it is multiplied by the per square foot rate. 

The simple answer is NO. Rugs benefit much more from a full washing rather than steam cleaning in your home. Although steam cleaning costs less, washing the rugs off-site is more thorough, and has better results. Steam cleaning rugs in your home can cause color bleeding, mold and damage to the floors underneath if the rug is oversaturated. 

Any type of rug can be cleaned. From natural fibers such as wool, to synthetic material like nylon or polyester. Even animal pelts can be cleaned! A thorough inspection is performed to ensure the best possible and safest cleaning method is used.

Our 9 step washing process takes 7-10 calendar days.  This accounts for additional work that may be needed if your rug does not pass the final quality inspection. In some cases, rugs are even re-washed at no additional charge.

No.  Your rugs should never be put in a clothes-washing machine unless the manufacturers tag states that it is safe. Washing your rugs without the proper equipment and techniques can cause permanent damage.

To avoid cross contamination, all rugs are treated and washed separately. It is not recommended to have your rugs washed using a “bath” method since the water that is used to wash other rugs is not changed.  

Rugs can be dropped off at any of our Ayoub N&H locations. At our main facility and showroom in Kensington, MD, or at our authorized rug drop-off locations in Potomac, MD and Rockville, MD. Be sure to look for the authorized Ayoub N&H rug drop-off sign!

Rug pickup and delivery is free when you meet our minimum service requirement.

In addition to free pickup and delivery, rolling and relaying of your rugs is complimentary. 

Although we do ask that small items and breakables are removed prior to our arrival, moving basic items of furniture is included in our free service. This includes things such as tables, chairs, sofas, and more! 

Your rugs can be stored in our facility for as long as you need. Your rugs are always wrapped and stored in a safe environment, on our special rug storage shelves away from moisture, dust and debris. Rug storage fees vary.

Oriental and area rug padding can be cut to fit your rug. Since every rug is shaped differently, custom cutting a rug pad allows us to provide a perfect fit for your rugs. We offer three premier rug pad options.  The right type of padding for your rug depends on the size, placement, and traffic. 

Visit our online rug store to shop hundreds of styles, colors, and more! https://rugs.shop/?store=furniturerugcleaning

Wrapping a rug for storage is very common.  At Ayoub N&H, you have the option to choose between plastic and paper wrapping (or both!). 

The best place to store your rugs is in a climate controlled space. It is not recommended to store your rugs in an attic, garage, or crawl space unless these areas are temperature controlled. Also, avoid folding your rugs for storage since that can create creases.  Tightly rolling your rug and laying it flat on the floor is the best way to preserve your rug.

Oriental and area rugs should be cleaned even if they don’t look dirty. An easy way to determine when to clean your rugs is to find out the last time it was professionally deep cleaned. Rugs should be cleaned about once per year depending on its use.  Soft surfaces like carpet and rugs act like a filter in your home, collecting pollutants and debris that goes through the fibers and into the foundation. 

Dirt is very abrasive which means it can act like sand paper on the fibers of your rug. When the rug is walked on, the sharp edges of the dirt and sand grind against the fibers of your rug.  This can cause a grayish haze in some areas or even “shave” the pile down to the foundation.

Color bleeding is when one or more of the colors in your rug transfer to the surrounding areas or blend with the other colors. Color bleeding in rugs typically happen when the dyes that are used to create the pattern are degraded.  The dyes in your rug can be degraded by things such as pet urine, direct sunlight, and flood damage.

Pet urine is the number one cause of color bleeding in rugs. The urine damages and degrades the dyes causing them to loosen and transfer to the surrounding areas.  Luckily, color bleeding in rugs can be removed with a special dyeing process.

If this isn’t the first time your pet has had an accident on your rug, chances are your pet smells the previous accident and is comfortable doing it again. One of the quickest ways to help prevent your pet from having an accident on your rugs is to have it professionally deep cleaned. A special pet treatment to remove the contamination and neutralize the odor is important.  Topical treatments like those sold in stores wear off which can create a repeat offender!

It is not recommended to use traditional wall-to-wall foam carpet padding under your area rugs. Rug padding is specifically designed to be placed under rugs. The construction of the rug padding prevents flattening, tearing or stretching. Also, carpet padding can leave marks on your floors.

Yes. At Ayoub N&H we guarantee that the pet urine odor will be removed from your rug when you select the pet treatment option.  If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll re-wash the rug using our pet treatment at no additional charge! Learn more.

Stain removal is guaranteed with our post-cleaning stain removal process. If our deep cleaning doesn’t remove the stain(s), you have the option to add our special stain removal repair.  If the stain is not removed, the repair charge is waived.

If you’re considering replacing your rug instead of cleaning, it’s important to understand that the value of your rug may go beyond the price you paid.  Things such as sentimental value, color scheme/pattern, and overall attraction to the rug most often cannot be replicated. If you’re considering replacing your rug instead of cleaning it, check out our online rug store here: https://rugs.shop/?store=furniturerugcleaning 

Absolutely! As long as the delivery location is within our service range, your rugs can be picked up and delivered to a different location after cleaning. We can even deliver your rugs to a storage unit if you prefer. 

During the delivery of your rug(s), as a courtesy, we will re-lay your rug(s) and place the basic furniture back where it belongs.

Yes, Ayoub N&H carries the appropriate insurance to protect your rugs while they’re in our facility.

The easiest way to judge the quality of your hand-knotted rug is to turn the corner of the rug over and inspect the back.  Count how many knots are in 1 square inch. A fine rug will have close to 400 knots per square inch, where most rugs have between 50-100 knots per square inch. If you’re interested in finding the value, age and origin of your rug, please ask us about our formal appraisal service.

Among other things, moth damage in rugs can be identified by the small (or large) “dimples” that are in the face fibers. Moth infestation only happens with wool rugs so if your rug is synthetic, you have nothing to worry about. In some cases with an active infestation, small maggot-like larva can be seen crawling around. If you’re still unsure about whether you have or have had moth damage, send us a photo and we’re happy to help!

If you have an active infestation, you will likely notice small white moths flying inside your home. It is important to inspect your wool clothes and rugs immediately. Moths like to lay their eggs in dark areas, which means you should be checking your closets, under furniture that is on your rug, and even underneath your rug. If you find small, white worms crawling around, chances are you have an active infestation.

If you find moths in your rug, its important to have your rug professionally cleaned and treated.  Professional removal of the infestation involves applying a special solution to the entire rug, dwell time allowing the solution to kill the moth larva/eggs, and a thorough washing on the back and the face of your rug. If the moths damaged the face fibers or foundation, the rug can be re-woven. 

A thorough inspection is performed prior to the cleaning to determine the best possible, and safest cleaning method for your rug(s).  Often times, manufacturers will put “dry clean only”  on their tag to prevent people from cleaning their rugs themselves or putting them in a washing machine.

There are three main methods that can be used when cleaning rugs. The most thorough and recommended method is our 9-step washing process.  The second type of cleaning is a dry cleaning. The last type and least used method is a “surface cleaning” which uses low levels of moisture during the cleaning.  

Stains underneath a potted plant are caused by leaks or overwatering. If you’re able to see a dark brown or black stain under the potted plant, your rug has likely developed “dry rot”. Dry rot occurs when natural materials stay wet for long periods of time. These stains are usually permanent and can make the foundation of the rug crumble in that area. 

Since fringe is typically made of cotton and is more delicate, it is not recommended to use bleach on the fringes of your rug.  Instead, your fringes are hand scrubbed with a special solution to remove the soil and brighten the color.

If your rug has been affected by a flood, the first step is to extract as much water as you can using a shop vac. Never leave your rug rolled up wet as this can cause mold, color bleeding and strong odors. The next step is to dry the rug as quickly as possible using fans. While the rug is drying, contact Ayoub N&H to have it professionally cleaned.

Moth repellent is an organic, odorless product that uses the compound Pyrethrin, which is derived from the Chrysanthemum flower. This treatment is applied to the back and the face of your rug after being professionally cleaned which prevents moths from eating the wool fibers.

Hardwood refinishing questions

Yes, Ayoub N&H® carries the mandatory license required to perform hardwood refinishing,
installation and repairs. Our license Number is #MHIC134181.

Yes, before and after pictures can be found on our website under Hardwood Refinishing. They can also be sent directly to you upon request.

Yes, upon request and with our client’s approval, contact information can be given for referrals.

Yes, we own our equipment. Our equipment is used by our skilled hardwood floor specialists.

Yes, to minimize the transfer of dust, plastic is placed in doorways and other areas to protect the rest of your home.

You will have access to areas not being refinished. All areas being refinished cannot be walked on until the finish has dried to an acceptable level.

Depending on polyurethane and size of area. Refinishing can take up to 3-5 days. The lead technician can provide a more exact timeline once work is started.

Yes, all molding will be required to be removed and replaced to match the stain or painted white to match the base.

Yes, an additional charge may apply depending on amount of wood putty needed. Wood putty is not recommended for separations larger than a specific size.

Since our hardwood refinishing machines can only get so close to the walls, the hardwood floors around the perimeter is sanded by hand.

Up to four selections from our stain supplier (Minwax) can be applied to the floor after the initial sanding.

If you decide to purchase and supply your own stain color, it must comply with our product quality standards.

Our polyurethane is made by Masterline, which has proven to have the best, longest lasting results.

Water based – up to 3 hours between coats
Oil based – up to 18 hours between coats

Yes, we offer satin, semi-gloss and high gloss.

Industry standard is 2 coats. More can be applied upon request. Ask your sales representative for more details.

Oil based wood finish conditions the wood grain which results in a softer feel. Oil based finish is also more durable and protects the wood better against normal wear and tear.
Water based wood finish dries quicker in between coats and has lower VOC’s but is not as durable as oil based wood finish. These types of hardwood floor finishes come in satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss.

Dry typically means it can be walked on with light traffic. When a hardwood floor finish is fully cured, it means that residual solvents leave the film, as it begins crosslinking with oxygen in the air, it develops strength, toughness, and abrasion resistance.

Hardwood floors can typically cure within 7 days, however, a full cure can take up to 30 days.

Our dustless sanding captures about 80% of the dust that is created, a light film may be present on other surfaces.

Furniture will be moved to the closest room available that is not being refinished. If your entire house is being refinished, arrangements can be made to clear house prior to the start of the job.

No, the removal of these items will be required to be moved from the area by the customer prior to our arrival.

Sealer – provides a seal to any stain applied to the wood before the finish (polyurethane) is applied.
Polyurethane – Provides a smooth and soft finish to the floors protecting it from wear, foot traffic, and spills.

Screen and coat – Etch the polyurethane finish, allowing us to re-apply polyurethane for a newer look.

Refinishing – removes both polyurethane finish, stain, and small layer of hardwood. Removing most damage going past the finish into the wood.

Depending on the color you prefer. Lighter stains require less stain (One Coat), Darker stains require additional applications (two to three).

No. Spot refinishing will show too much of a difference in color, look and sheen between the refinished spot and the rest of the room.

No. since a new layer of hardwood, stain and finish will be used, the look will change between the two connecting areas.

Refinish all connecting areas or install thresholds to separate areas.

The age difference between new and existing hardwood, and the stain selection plays a big part in how the hardwood will match to the repaired area. The new hardwood floor will be the same species of wood and will be “toothed in” for a consistent look, however depending on the age of the wood you may notice a difference.

Wall to Wall Carpet Sales Questions

SmartStrand is a premium carpet fiber that is completely stain resistant unlike Nylon, and is more durable. Since SmartStrand is owned entirely by Mohawk Flooring, they’re able to provide an excellent fiber at a fraction of comparable carpets.

Most carpet manufacturers purchase the carpet yarn from another company, but SmartStrand was developed and is manufactured by Mohawk Flooring, allowing them to cut the cost down and pass the savings on to the consumer.

Wool is more resilient but less stain resistant, so it depends on your needs.

There are many factors that determine price. It’s typically the fiber type and the number of tufts per inch and number of twists per fiber. Also, carpet styles with more detail and patterns typically have higher prices.

Fiber padding is made up of synthetic fibers fused together, is a better insulator, and is denser, which is better for the carpet. It won’t stretch out like the bonded padding will. Bonded padding is made up of recycled foam, similar to what is in furniture. Some people like the bonded padding because it has more of a spring versus the fiber padding.

We move all furniture, excluding small breakables, boxes, electronics, and books.

The furniture is moved as needed; within the room if possible or to a different area if needed.

You’ll be provided with more personal service, we have our own installers so we can control quality, and you’ll get competitive pricing. Most of the time it can be difficult finding someone at a big box store that can answer your questions.

Most jobs are completed within about 3-8 hours.

We can usually have it installed within about 10 days from the date of order.

Yes, we do take a 50% deposit to order the carpet. The remaining balance is collected once the installation is complete.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with a standard lifetime warranty on installation if you follow the warranty guidelines.

Different types of carpet can carry different warranties. It’s important to check the warranty information on the back of each style.

Ayoub N&H works with the most reputable flooring manufacturers to make sure you’re covered if something isn’t right with a product you’ve purchased. Not only are you covered for product defects, but Ayoub N&H provides labor warranties just in case there is something wrong with the installation (very rare!).

If you have any other questions or would like more information, please feel free to Contact Us

They cleaned some rugs that were in my basement that had been damaged from flooding… I thought that Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs did a fantastic job. They even smelled fresh and clean when they were done. I would definitely recommend their services to others. They are also very reasonable on their charges.

Silver Spring, MD

Ayoub N&H services the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

Ayoub N&H has several convenient rug drop-off locations throughout the area at neighborhood dry cleaners in Maryland, Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia. Dropping off and picking up your rugs is convenient and may save you money on the cost of rug cleaning.

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On Friday, December 22nd our stores will be closing at 3:00 pm for our annual employee holiday party. We're sorry for any inconvenience.