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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

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Experience the Ayoub N&H Rug Cleaning Difference

Get your Oriental and Area Rugs cleaned at the DC areas most advanced rug cleaning facility – Ayoub N&H offers the best and most thorough way to clean and protect your beautiful rugs. We offer Area and Oriental rug cleaning services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Benefit from our 10 Step Rug Cleaning Process.

Rugs can be complicated to clean. Don’t let an inexperienced person or company take on the challenge. Most rugs can be put through our 9 stage cleaning process. If your rug needs a different treatment, we’ll let you know from the start.

Dusting Icon

Step 1

Dusting and Vacuuming

Step 2

Pre-Treatment of Stains or Heavily Soiled Areas

Soap and Water Washing with Soft Bristle Brushes

Step 3

Soap and Water Washing with Soft Bristle Brushes

Cold Water Flushing and Rinse

Step 4

Cold Water Flushing and Rinse

Removal of Excess Water

Step 5

Removal of Excess Water

Grooming of Fibers

Step 6

Grooming of Fibers

Quick Drying in Climate Controlled Drying Room

Step 7

Quick Drying in Climate Controlled Drying Room

Quality Control Inspection and Additional Treatment if Needed

Step 8

Quality Control Inspection and Additional Treatment if Needed

Final Grooming and Rolling

Step 9

Final Grooming and Rolling

We’ll call you to let you know your order is ready!

Step 10

We’ll contact you to let you know your order is ready!

Why Choose Ayoub N&H?

As the premier rug cleaning service in DC, MD and VA,  you can be sure that you’re receiving the highest level of customer service. From scheduling your service to processing your order, you’ll always have access to knowledgeable and attentive staff to assist you with your cleaning and flooring sales needs. 

How to Protect Your Rugs

Did your dog or cat (or any other pets!) have an accident on your rug? Call us right away for the best chance at odor removal. Just like rugs, every odor and treatment option is different.

We’ll examine your rug, find out what works best, and try to make it like nothing happened.

Some bugs love your rugs as much as you do! Moths and carpet beetles can eat away at your natural fiber rugs, ruining your fine antique or any other rug. Contact us if you think your rugs might be infested.

We’ll get rid of the infestation and protect your rugs against future invaders.

Protect your rugs after cleaning with a stain guard application. Once your rugs have been cleaned, we can apply a protector to help reduce the chance you’ll end up with a permanent stain. Stain guard, safe for all fiber types, coats the fibers of your rugs to block a spill from absorbing into the fibers of your rug right away. It’ll also make your rug easier to clean in the future so those unsightly traffic areas can be removed if its only soiling and not wear.

See the Ayoub N&H Difference.

Slide the slider below to see how our 9 step process delivers clean results each and every time.

Before rug cleaned at Ayoub N&HAfter rug cleaned at Ayoub N&H

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!
Follow the link below to find the answers to our frequently asked questions.

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They cleaned some rugs that were in my basement that had been damaged from flooding… I thought that Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs did a fantastic job. They even smelled fresh and clean when they were done. I would definitely recommend their services to others. They are also very reasonable on their charges.

Silver Spring, MD

Ayoub N&H services the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

Ayoub N&H has several convenient rug drop-off locations throughout the area at neighborhood dry cleaners in Maryland, Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia. Dropping off and picking up your rugs is convenient and may save you money on the cost of rug cleaning.

Howard County
Montgomery County

Northern Virginia
Fairfax County
Arlington County

Washington D.C.

In honor of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Saturday, May 27, 2023 and Monday, May 29, 2023.

In honor of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Saturday, May 27, 2023 and Monday, May 29, 2023.