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Hardwood Repair & Refinishing

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Experience the Ayoub N&H Hardwood Refinishing Difference

Wood flooring that is in fair condition and doesn’t need to be replaced can be sanded and re-finished to give it a new look. The wood can be sanded down to remove the old polyurethane and expose a new layer of hardwood. A new wood stain is then applied to the wood and coated with a polyurethane layer to protect it. Hardwood flooring is usually re-finished when the wood starts to show wear, scratches, dullness, or even when a completely new color is desired.

Ayoub N&H is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, License #134181. The State of Maryland requires that companies or individuals performing home improvements, including hardwood installation and refinishing, be licensed for consumer protection. Be sure to ask about licensing as you’re shopping for the best service!

Benefit from our 10 Step HARDWOOD REFINISHING Process.

We have perfected the hardwood refinishing process to suite your unique needs. Below is the simple 10 step process to revive the beauty of your hardwood floors. Your old hardwood floors have character and strength. Let our hardwood floor refinishing experts revitalize your floors and get you the results you expect.

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Step 1

Moving basic items of furniture

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Step 2

Sealing off area to reduce dust in rooms not being re-finished

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Step 3

“Dustless” sanding to remove old polyurethane & expose new surface of wood

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Step 4

Buffing the hardwood to smooth the surface & remove debris

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Step 5

Application of hardwood stain if a certain color is desired

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Step 6

Application of oil or water based polyurethane

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Step 7

Additional buffing to prepare surface for additional coats of polyurethane

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Step 8

Application of second coating of polyurethane

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Step 9

During the second coating, new shoe molding will be installed & transition strips are refinished or replaced to match the hardwood

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Step 10

Final walkthrough with you to ensure your satisfaction and answer maintenance questions

Which Type of polyUrethane is Good For Me?

There are two types of urethane that can be used in the re-finishing process, either water based or oil based:


Dries in a shorter period of time so the job can be done quicker. The floor can be walked on within two hours and additional coats of polyurethane can be applied the same day. In addition, fumes from water based urethane are not as noticeable.


Takes longer to dry and typically produces odors that are very noticeable, although the smell does dissipate as the urethane dries. The process will take more than one day since a drying time of about 18 – 24 hours is required in-between coats. Oil-based urethane conditions the wood, is more durable and is better for floors in direct sunlight since it does not break down as quickly.

Check out some of our past projects!

For over 30 years, Ayoub N&H has sanded and refinished hardwood floors throughout the Washington, DC area. From hundred-year-old oak floors that the client didn’t think could be saved to the hardwood that just needed an updated color.

Color Change

Project Location: Chevy Chase, MD

A client purchased a home with hardwood flooring throughout. Although the floors were in great condition, the color just wasn’t right! Our skilled technicians transformed the floors to a beautiful traditional brown, allowing the client to start her design concept.

Correcting Pet Damage

Project Location: Silver Spring, MD

We love pets, but they can sometimes cause damage! This client realized his cat had been urinating on a small rug, which then soaked through and into the hardwood underneath. To correct the damage, we removed the affected planks, installed new planks of unfinished hardwood, and applied two coats of oil-based polyurethane. Since our client preferred the “natural” look of the wood, no stain was applied.

Harwdood Floor Repair

Project Location: Silver Spring, MD

Sometimes a home remodel requires that walls be moved or changed to create a larger space. After a portion of this wall was removed, new hardwood had to be installed in the gap. We installed new wood and refinished the area to match.

Refreshing Old Floors

Project Location: Rockville, MD

Old homes have character, but the wood floors in this home had a bit too much for the new owner. He wanted to keep the old flooring, so we carefully sanded down the flooring, re-stained the wood, and applied a high gloss oil based finish to protect the floor.

Fixing Damaged Wood

Project Location: Potomac, MD

A wood floor can look great, but small damage can sometimes distract from the beauty. There was some slight damage near a doorway with an unknown cause. We were able to remove the wood in the damaged area, install new wood, and refinish the hallway.

Water Damange Repair

Project Location: Olney, MD

Flower pots can cause damage to all types of flooring, especially hardwood. After unexpectedly finding that water had been leaking onto the hardwood, this homeowner called us to find out if we can help! We carefully removed the damaged hardwood and installed new strips. The entire room was then refinished. Our client couldn’t even remember where the damage was!

Installing New Flooring to Match Existing One

Project Location: Kensington, MD

When building an addition onto your home, it’s important to make sure it fits seamlessly with the connecting areas. To achieve an even look throughout the house, we installed an unfinished 2 ¼” solid white oak hardwood flooring. We used our dustless sanding refinishing process, stained the floors with a custom color to match, and applied an oil based polyurethane.

Bringing old floors back to life

Project Location: Chevy Chase, MD

After removing the 20-year-old carpet in their living room, our client realized they uncovered beautiful hardwood floors! Although it needed special attention, the floors were in decent condition. We were able to refinish the wood floors using our dustless hardwood refinishing process. We applied an oil-based finish which really brought out the beautiful grain and character of the wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

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They cleaned some rugs that were in my basement that had been damaged from flooding… I thought that Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs did a fantastic job. They even smelled fresh and clean when they were done. I would definitely recommend their services to others. They are also very reasonable on their charges.

Silver Spring, MD

Ayoub N&H services the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

Ayoub N&H has several convenient rug drop-off locations throughout the area at neighborhood dry cleaners in Maryland, Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia. Dropping off and picking up your rugs is convenient and may save you money on the cost of rug cleaning.

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In honor of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Saturday, May 27, 2023 and Monday, May 29, 2023.

In honor of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Saturday, May 27, 2023 and Monday, May 29, 2023.