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Texture Changes in Carpet and Upholstery After Cleaning

carpet, rug, upholstery texture changes after cleaningDoes your rug, carpet or upholstery look different now that it has been cleaned? The change is probably due to the removal of soil, revealing cleaner fibers – but if your textile is older –  previous pile distortion could now be more noticeable.
The beauty of textile furnishing (like rugs, carpeting or upholstery) depends on various factors including texture. Use and normal wear cause the majority of soil accumulation on floor coverings or upholstery. They also produce a physical change on the face yarns of a carpet or rug. This physical change on the face yarns begins as soon as the textile furnishing is put to use and eventually changes the texture and ultimately the appearance.
A change in the carpet pile will always take place when the carpet is subjected to use. A 10 year old rug just will never look like the day you got it simply because of wear over the decade. For a graphic demonstration, just take a look at the areas protected by furniture and then compare it to the adjacent foot-traffic area.  You may notice pile crushing, fuzzing or “blooming” of the tufts. The fiber used in the face yarns, yarn twist, pile density, quality of the fiber and the amount of traffic over the textile will determine the type and amount of distortion.
Unfortunately, the extent of physical change cannot be determined until the soil has been removed. Ayoub N&H™ Carpet & Rugs makes every effort to professionally correct distortion during the cleaning process. But in many cases, distortion has already reached a point where it cannot be returned to a state even close to the original appearance. Some very sensitive rugs, carpet or upholstery will also exhibit a certain amount of unavoidable texture change even after a careful cleaning. If your carpet has seen its day it may be time to stop by the Ayoub N&H Kensington Flooring Showroom or Rockville Showroom Gallery and they can show you the newest in carpeting that will fit your needs and can perform better under heavier foot traffic.
Texture changes that occur from normal use and wear, improper maintenance and necessary cleaning actions are usually permanent. Pile brushing and vacuuming in the preferred pile direction may help to even out some irregularities or changes in texture. Ayoub N&H™ does this as part of their 7-Step carpet cleaning process.
When Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs professionally cleans your rugs, carpets and upholstery you can be assured that it’s done with years of experience behind it. Knowing the correct methods for different textiles is of extreme importance to maintain a long life for your furnishings. Contact us today to get your rug cleaned (in our plant), carpet or upholstery cleaned (in your home), or drop off individual cushions or your drapery at our Kensington MD cleaning plant).

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