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Luxury Vinyl Tile – The Smart Alternative to Hardwood or Stone Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile - Before and After
Luxury Vinyl Tile – Before and After

Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs  sells and installs Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), the new convenient flooring available for residential and commercial applications. Made from varying thicknesses of vinyl, LVT can provide the look of stone or hardwood flooring without the hassle that comes with cleaning and maintenance!
Luxury Vinyl Tile provides durability that most other floors do not. It will not chip, crack, or scratch like most other natural stone of wood floors can. The level of durability will depend on the thickness of the flooring, or “mil”. Most LVT will come in thicknesses from 12 mil to 20 mil. The best thickness for your home or office will depend on how much traffic your floor will get. Higher traffic areas of your home, or commercial establishments, will benefit from the durability of thicker vinyl flooring. Rooms that are used less often can still get the great look of Luxury Vinyl Tile while reducing the cost by purchasing thinner vinyl flooring.
In addition to durability, Luxury Vinyl Tile is flooring that requires little maintenance and can be cleaned easily. Since the tile is made from vinyl, it can be cleaned using many standard household cleaners that are used for other surfaces. Dirt can be wiped up easily even if you aren’t able to clean it right away, returning your floors to their original beauty!
Stop by Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rug’s Flooring Showroom in Kensington MD or Rockville, MD today to get started. We sell and expertly install Luxury Vinyl Tile in Montgomery County MD, Washington DC & Northern VA. Questions? Contact Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs in Kensington MD today.

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