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How to Make Your Oriental Rug Last Longer

how to care for your oriental rug
An oriental rug is a lovely investment that enhances the appearance of your home year after year. These vibrant pieces of floor décor are well-known for their beauty and longevity. But they can show signs of wear and tear over time. Whether you purchased a rug or inherited one, you’ll want to take steps to make your oriental rug last longer.
Vacuum Weekly: Grit and dirt that accumulate in the pile of a rug wear away the fibers. Use a vacuum nozzle to clean the entire surface of the rug each week. Avoid using a beater bar (power brush) on the rug—especially on the delicate fringe.
Turn Regularly: Traffic patterns and sun exposure cause wear and fading on rugs. To ensure more even aging, turn the rug end-to-end once a year.
Keep Water Away: Don’t put potted plants on the rug, since moisture at the pot base can lead to staining and mildew. If liquids spill on the rug, blot the spill immediately with a cloth towel.
Discourage Pets: Puppies chew on rug fringe and cats enjoy scratching the surface of rugs. Train pets to stay away from your oriental rug.
Prevent Moth Damage: Oriental rugs are made of natural fibers that can be decimated by moths. Unfortunately, moth balls and cedar do no good. Check with a professional for effective insecticides that will moth-proof your rug without damaging it.
Use a Rug Pad: If you are placing a thin or old rug on a hard surface, rug padding can help cut down on wear by cushioning the impact from foot traffic.
Keep It Clean: Professional cleaning at Ayoub N&H™ Carpet & Rug’s professional rug cleaning plant every few years is an important way to make your oriental rug last longer. Thorough, gentle hand-cleaning removes grime and dirt all the way through the fibers.
Is it time for your rug to be deep-cleaned? Ayoub N&H™ Carpet & Rug’s expert rug cleaning service includes free pickup and delivery. Learn more here.

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