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How to Make Your Oriental or Area Rug Last Longer

how to care for your oriental rug

An oriental rug is a lovely investment that enhances the appearance of your home year after year. These vibrant pieces of floor décor are well-known for their beauty and longevity. But they can show signs of wear and tear over time. Whether you purchased a rug or inherited one, you’ll want to take steps to make your oriental rug last longer.

Vacuum Weekly (or more): Grit and dirt that accumulate in the pile of a rug wear away the fibers. Rugs also act as a filter for the air in your home, collecting dust, pollen, and other pollutants that can land on your rug over time. Use a vacuum nozzle to clean the entire surface of the rug at least once a week, and more, if possible, especially if your rug gets a lot of traffic. You may need to avoid using a beater bar (power brush) on some rugs, especially on the delicate fringe.

Turn Regularly: Traffic patterns and sun exposure cause wear and fading on rugs. To ensure more even aging, turn the rug end-to-end once a year.  This will help keep the rug from wearing down to the point that it damages your valuable rug.  Although most damage can be repaired, nothing is better than the original.

Keep Water Away: Excessive moisture on your rug can create major issues for your rug.  Don’t put potted plants on the rug, since moisture at the pot base can lead to staining, mildew, and dry rot.  If liquids spill on the rug, blot the spill immediately with a cloth towel and place a fan in the area to speed the drying.  If you’ve found that a potted plant has kept part of your rug wet for an extended period, soak up as much moisture as possible, set a fan, and call a professional to clean your rug.  If the potted plant has been there for too long, repair may be needed.

Discourage Pets: Puppies chew on rug fringe and cats enjoy scratching the surface of rugs. Train pets to stay away from your oriental rug.  If it’s not possible to keep them away, check their favorite spots regularly to make sure they haven’t caused any damage.  If they have, get your rug cleaned and repaired immediately to keep the problem from getting worse.

Prevent Moth Damage: Oriental rugs are made of natural fibers that can be decimated by moths. These annoying bugs like dark places such as underneath your furniture.  In addition to vacuuming regularly, do regular checks to make sure they haven’t created a home under your couches or tables.  If possible, check the back of your rug since moths can burrow underneath.  Unfortunately, in addition to the odor being unpleasant, moth balls and cedar don’t usually help much.  If you’ve found signs of moth infestation in your rugs such as “webbing” or larva, call a professional rug cleaner right away to get it treated, any necessary repairs done on damage that’s already been caused, and to moth-proof your rug with a special spray that makes the fibers distasteful to the critters.

Use a Rug Pad: If you are placing your rug on a hard surface, especially if it’s thin or old, be sure to have a good rug padding underneath.  In addition to keeping the rug from slipping around, rug padding helps reduce wear by cushioning the impact from foot traffic.

Keep It Clean: Professional cleaning at Ayoub N&H’s professional rug cleaning plant every 1-2 years is an important way to make your oriental rug last longer. Thorough, gentle cleaning removes grime and dirt all the way through the fibers.

Is it time for your rug to be deep cleaned? Ayoub N&H’s expert rug cleaning service includes free pickup and delivery. Learn more here.

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