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Common Types of Area Rug Damage with Prevention and Repair Tips

area rug edge repair and fringe repair

As with any item of furniture, area rugs will see some wear over time.  The fact that most area rugs are regularly walked on will make it even more likely that some type of repair will be needed over the life of the rug.

Your rug could have tattered rug fringe, worn edges, and sometimes even holes!  Having your area rugs professionally repaired by Ayoub N&H will keep the damage from getting any worse and potentially becoming much more costly to repair.  Getting repairs done will also maintain the natural beauty of your rug.

The most common type of damage on area rugs is worn fringes.  Ayoub N&H can repair rug fringe by either installing a new pre-made fringe, re-weaving new fringe into your rug, or even removing the fringe and installing a finished edge.  The type of fringe repair will depend on the type of rug and the look you prefer.  Even when considering which option is best for your rugs, there are multiple color and style options to consider within each category.

It’s usually best to maintain the original look, especially since that’s why you bought the rug in the first place, but you might be looking for a change, either because your room décor is being updated or you need something more functional.

For example, pre-made fringe will come either with or without knots before the tassles, and in a variety of colors.  From stark white to light brown.  Some rugs even have decorative aspects to the fringe which would need to be considered.

Another common type of rug damage is worn edging.  The overcasting, sometimes referred to as serging, or binding on the sides of your rugs can become loose or come completely separated from the rug.  Rug edging can be repaired by hand for fine Oriental rugs, or an edging with the same look can be installed by machine on both hand-made and machine-made rugs.  With both types, yarn is wrapped around the edge of the rug to give it a durable finished appearance.

For machine made rugs and carpet, and even hand-made rugs in some cases, a binding can be installed on the edges.  Different widths are even available to create a custom look.  From barely visible edging to 5 inch wide borders in a variety of materials, there are many combinations to fit your style.

Sometimes accidents happen causing there to be holes or tears in your rug.  You might move a piece of furniture that catches on an edge, and you don’t realize it’s damaging your rug until it’s too late.  You may also have your favorite potted plant sitting on the corner of a rug, not knowing that the moisture from watering is seeping through, damaging the rug.  Don’t worry, either situation has a solution.

For hand-made rugs, the foundation and face fibers can be re-woven by hand.  If you prefer a less costly repair, a patch can be made.  Although it won’t be perfect, it’ll fill the void of a repair and may not even be that noticeable.

To minimize any damage to your area rugs, you should do things like regularly rotating your area rugs so that high traffic doesn’t continuously wear down one area, vacuum down the length of fringes to avoid pulling the strands, and make sure to purchase a quality rug padding to minimize the impact of your footsteps on the rug.

Remember to check your rugs regularly for any damage.  You may not even notice your rug has damage until you’ve given it a closer inspection.  If you’re not sure about your rug needing repair, bring it to Ayoub N&H in Kensington, Maryland  or Rockville, Maryland, and a rug expert can advise you on its condition. Serving Montgomery and Howard Counties in Maryland, Alexandria and Fairfax Counties in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

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