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Carpet vs. Vinyl Flooring for Basements

Carpet vs. Vinyl
Choosing the right flooring option for your basement can be tricky — there are many options available and the right choice all depends on your household’s needs. Two of the most popular options for basements are carpet vs. vinyl flooring. When it comes to vinyl floors, you can choose from Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP).
Wondering which option is best for your basement? Here’s an overview of each option that covers the facts you need to know to choose which type of flooring makes sense in your home.
Carpeting in Basements
If you prefer carpeted floors and are hoping to install some in your basement, you should first ask yourself several questions. How damp is your basement? Most basements are damp by nature and adding carpet to a room with high moisture levels is a recipe for mold, mildew, and odors. How much traffic goes through your basement? If your carpeted basement will be a household hangout spot (especially for kids and pets), your carpet may wear out more quickly than you’d hoped and require frequent cleanings.
If moisture-level and traffic concerns don’t apply, carpet can be a solid option for basement floors. A synthetic carpet with synthetic backing is the best choice to prevent any moisture issues.
Luxury Vinyl Plank in Basements
LVP has risen to become one of the most popular flooring options for basements — it’s durable, generally affordably priced, and has a large number of visual options. Some LVP brands are made with aluminum oxide, a more expensive option that can help your floors last even longer.
Though its made from vinyl, this type of flooring is made to look similar to hardwood or hand-scraped wood planks. Its multi-demensional appearance combined with the easy-to-clean material makes LVP longer-lasting as it does not obviously show discoloration or signs of wear.
Moisture level is not a concern when installing LVP, but it can create a floor that is harder and colder than carpet. One advantage of LVP is the option to install the planks atop a heated floor system to combat the natural chilliness of a basement’s concrete subfloor.
Luxury Vinyl Tile 
LVT is extremely similar to LVP in term of its construction, installation, and durability. The main difference is the appearance of LVT. While LVP mimics the look of wood planks, LVT is designed to look like ceramic tile or stone tile flooring. Like LVP, it’s jointed and easy to install, clean, and works with heated flooring.
Consider these options when comparing carpet vs. vinyl flooring.  For options in both categories, check out one of our carpet and vinyl flooring manufacturers.

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