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What to look for when buying new carpet

Carpet has many benefits, some of which include added comfort, aesthetic qualities, safety, and simple maintenance.  Here are a few things to think about as you’re shopping for new carpet.

Keeping Warm, Staying Cool:  As insulation, the millions of fibers in carpet retain warmth as well as protect your home against heat or cold.  By combining that with a quality rug padding, carpet also helps to conserve energy through its ability to retain warm air longer and insulate against heat.  Although all rooms can benefit from carpet, basements can benefit the most since it insulates against the cold coming up from the concrete underneath.  Carpet in bedrooms is also great, creating a warm and inviting space.

Decorating:  Carpet can act as the foundation of your decorating scheme.  Because it covers such a large amount of space, carpet can change the theme or tone of a room. Carpet can either be a background or a focal point for the entire living space.  Some patterns can help make a large room feel less cavernous, while others can create an airy open feeling.

If you already have several colors in one room, you can always go for a pattern that uses different textures in the same color so that it doesn’t clash.  For example, many patterned carpets use looped fibers to create a beautiful floral pattern, but the same technique can be used for more modern designs.

Even if you have hardwood flooring throughout your home, carpet can be fabricated to create area rugs and compliment your hard surface style and color.

Safety:  Carpet plays a large role in the safety of your family.  As a non-slick surface, carpet helps prevent slips and falls that could normally happen on hard tile or hardwood. Consider carpet on stairs, a playroom – or any area where you want an extra level of cushioning.  In addition to carpet thickness, consider how soft the fibers are.  A very thick carpet may not be as beneficial if the pile is dense, while purchasing a carpet that’s too thin, especially if the padding is also thin, may not provide much difference from a hard surface.

Maintenance:  Maintaining carpet is simple and can lengthen the life of your flooring if done regularly.  Vacuum your carpet regularly, especially in high traffic areas.  That may mean daily vacuuming in heavily used rooms, or weekly in areas that are used less often.  Most of today’s carpet is “stain – resistant”, with some types even being completely stain-proof, which helps reduce the chance of stains from spills and excessive soiling.  While this may make it seem like not as much cleaning is required, it’s still recommended that you regularly have your carpet cleaned.

If you’re especially sensitive to dust and allergens, vacuuming is even more important.  The carpet fibers act as a filter for the air in your home, so regularly vacuuming and cleaning your carpet will also help improve allergy symptoms.  Every day or two is ideal in heavily used rooms, but areas that aren’t used as often can be done weekly.

Ayoub N&H in Kensington, MD is your source for beautiful, new carpeting. We have the newest types of synthetic fiber carpet in addition to traditional fibers such as wool and sisal. We carry the most popular manufacturers and new carpets made with fibers like Everstrand and Smartstrand. Our years of experience ensure that your installation will be superior.

Professional maintenance of your carpet can extend its life, remove the deep-embedded dirt, and give your whole home or place of business a well-cared-for look. Contact Ayoub N&H for that deep-down clean that keeps your beautiful carpet pristine. Always check our coupons for special savings on our website.

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They cleaned some rugs that were in my basement that had been damaged from flooding… I thought that Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs did a fantastic job. They even smelled fresh and clean when they were done. I would definitely recommend their services to others. They are also very reasonable on their charges.

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On Friday, December 22nd our stores will be closing at 3:00 pm for our annual employee holiday party. We're sorry for any inconvenience.