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What to look for when buying new carpet

Pro Tips for Buying New Carpet
When you go carpet shopping for your home, there’s a lot more to it than just choosing a color that goes well with the walls. And there’s also more to it than just the price per square foot. Carpeting is an investment in your home that can last for many years. Or, it can start looking dull and worn after just a year or two. You need to make a choice with an eye toward long-term durability, appearance, and enjoyment to get the most for your money. Here are some factors to look for to ensure you are making an accurate comparison.
Style: Carpet comes in different styles. Most modern carpets have a cut pile. This includes Plush which has a very even appearance and Saxony which has a fuller look but shows footprints more easily. There are also loop carpets like Berber that can feature fancy designs if the loops are different heights. While loop carpets are considered quite durable, a snagged fiber can cause an unsightly run that travels the length of a room. In contrast, an occasional pulled fiber in a cut pile carpet might leave just a tiny hole that can’t be noticed.
Material: Nylon is the most commonly used carpet material and is usually affordable. It wears well but tends to show stains. Olefin is less comfortable underfoot but resists moisture and is suitable for applications where the carpet may not remain dry. Wool is more expensive but it is attractive and durable as well as naturally spill resistant.
Quality: While various manufacturers make different claims about the quality of their carpet, there is not a unified grading system. Do your research to find out how long a particular brand and grade of carpet is expected to last. As a simple field test, see if you can feel the backing of the carpet through the fibers. A sparse carpet is usually lower quality and one that is denser is higher quality. Added treatments like stain resistance may increase the value of a carpet and keep it looking newer longer.
Of course, if you are calculating the total cost per square foot, don’t forget to include existing carpet removal/disposal as well as padding, installation, stair runners, and any other products or services that you want included with your new carpet. That way, you have a full picture of what you are getting for your dollar. To find a nice, quality carpet that fits your budget, contact our sales team today.

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