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Area and Oriental Rug Fringe Cleaning

The cleaning of Oriental and area rugs is a complicated and intricate process. Rugs that come into the Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs cleaning plant in Kensington, Maryland are given individual care specific to their fibers and dyes. A major concern during the cleaning process involves the rug fringes. Rug fringes are prone to some deterioration with normal use due to the fiber content of the fringes (usually cotton),  their loose or low twist and their open ends. These characteristics make rug fringes susceptible to untwisting and texture loss during normal use – vacuuming, walking, etc.
There are additional reasons why fringes may require special treatments during or after cleaning. The first reason is cellulosic browning. Rug fringes are mostly made of cotton, a cellulosic fiber, which undergoes natural changes with time called cellulosic browning. The second reason is the possible change in the color of the fringes during cleaning. This form of color change often occurs as fugitive dyes from the wet rug are being absorbed by the fringes.
There are other ways to clean or reclean rug fringes. The first approach is recleaning the fringes by hand, with or without mild acid rinsing, and rapid drying with a blower. The second, a stronger treatment, involves bleaching, with or without rinsing, and rapid drying.
If browning or color bleeding is severe, it may not be eliminated by the first approach, the milder treatment. The second approach will result in white fringes but may also cause some pjysical deterioration of the fringes. This deterioration is generally manifested in their strength loss, fiber loss and/or “stringy” texture.
The choice of procedures best suited for a particular rug comes from knowledge and experience our specialists have attained at the Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs cleaning plant after many years.
Eventually all rug fringes will wear out from normal use and care. If your rug’s fringe’s time has come the next time you send your rugs for in-plant cleaning, ask Ayoub N&H Carpet & Rugs to renew the appearance of your rug by replacing or refringing the old, worn rug fringes on your area and Oriental rugs. It will give them a fresh, clean look and take years off their appearance!

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They cleaned some rugs that were in my basement that had been damaged from flooding… I thought that Ayoub N&H Carpet and Rugs did a fantastic job. They even smelled fresh and clean when they were done. I would definitely recommend their services to others. They are also very reasonable on their charges.

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On Friday, December 22nd our stores will be closing at 3:00 pm for our annual employee holiday party. We're sorry for any inconvenience.