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5 Ways to Use Old Area Rugs

dog with pillow covered in old rug
Put your old rugs to good use!

Do you have old area rugs that are ready for a new life? Your best-loved floor coverings don’t have to be sent to the landfill. They can be upcycled in a number of ways. Here are five ideas for turning your rugs around. Note: Be sure to start with a clean rug!
#1 Paint It
Are you tired of your bland beige rug? A flat loop rug (like faux sisal) can be used as a canvas and decorated with latex floor paint or a sharpie for a whole new look. Chevrons and other geometric patterns are easy designs even for the artistically challenged. Just use painters tape to cover the parts you want to remain plain.
#2 Wrap It
For thin, flexible rugs made of soft fibers, consider upcycling the rug as upholstery. You can create a throw pillow or even recover the seat cushion on a stool. Save an oriental rug that has damage to one section but still has enough good material for a smaller project.
#3 Scratch It
A highly textured rug made of jute or other sturdy fibers can be repurposed for your pet’s delight. Staple the rug to a post with a sturdy base. Train your feline friend to take out it’s aggression on this post instead of tearing up your new rugs.
#4 Plant It
What about an artificial fiber rug? Consider using this as a liner for a new flower bed to prevent weeds from growing. Cut the rug to size and cover it lightly with mulch. When it’s planting time, cut a hole in the rug to receive each seedling.
#5 Trim It
Do you have a large rug that you’d like to move into a smaller room? Get a professional rug care company to trim it down to a more manageable size and bind the edges so the fibers don’t unravel. This is a great way to reuse a rug that has frayed edges or damaged fringe.
Contact Ayoub N&H™ Carpet and Rugs to resize your rugs for a new life in another smaller room! Visit our Kensington or Rockville flooring gallery showroom for an amazing selection of new replacement rugs.

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On Friday, December 22nd our stores will be closing at 3:00 pm for our annual employee holiday party. We're sorry for any inconvenience.