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5 Common Myths About Rug Cleaning

Hand Cleaning Fringes
Hand cleaning fringes.


A lovely area rug can add beauty to any home, and a high-quality crafted rug can last for generations with proper care and cleaning. Unfortunately, many people are grossly misinformed when it comes to taking care of their area rugs, and as a result, their rugs begin to dull in color and wear out more quickly. Let’s debunk 5 of the most common myths about rug cleaning.


Myth 1: Rugs and carpets need to be cleaned only when they appear dirty or stained.

Just because you can’t see dirt in the fibers of your rug, that doesn’t mean the dirt isn’t there. When we track dirt, sand, and soil into our rugs and carpets, those abrasive particles begin damaging the fibers at the microscopic level, causing wear-and-tear. Regular cleanings will dislodge and remove that dirt and extend the life of your rug.

Myth 2: Vacuuming and cleaning rugs will damage them.

As mentioned above, cleaning rugs doesn’t damage them; dirt damages them. Vacuums and professional cleaning processes are designed to remove dirt without damaging the fibers of the rug or carpet.

Myth 3: Baking soda and similar deodorizers remove odors from rugs.

While baking soda can absorb odors, it doesn’t eliminate the cause of the odor. If the rug isn’t properly cleaned, the source of the odor will resurface and cause the rug to smell again. Additionally, if you use baking soda or a powder-based deodorizer, a vacuum cleaner generally won’t pick up all of it—and the residue that’s left in your rug will eventually just collect more dirt.

Myth 4: Stain-resistant rugs and carpets don’t need to be cleaned as often.

Dirt may cause staining, but stains and dirt aren’t the same thing. The rug may be designed to resist staining, but that won’t stop it from collecting dirt at the same rate as a conventional rug.

Myth 5: Rented machines are just as effective as having rugs cleaned professionally.

Rented machines will lift some dirt from your rugs and carpets, and your rugs may even look cleaner—but rental machines usually don’t get all the deep, embedded dirt. As a result, that “clean” look won’t last. Not only do professional cleaners have better supplies and better machines, but they are also trained to use that equipment for maximum effect. You’ll always have cleaner rugs by having them cleaned regularly by a trained professional.

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