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Our Rug Cleaning Process

Our modern rug cleaning facility, located in Kensington, MD is the most advanced operation in Maryland, DC and Virginia.  With our process, your rugs will get an even, deep, yet gentle cleaning every time.  Unlike others, we let our technology and soft brushes do the hard work, so that our skilled technicians can focus their energy on the details that matter most.



Each rug is thoroughly dusted with paddles that gently release the embedded soil and vacuums the dirt into a separate chamber, removing 80% MORE soil than a traditional vacuum.

Vacuuming rug through machine - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.Dusting rug - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.


All stains are pre-treated with a special solution before the washing. Our PET treatment can also be performed to flush out any urine contamination from your rug.

Pre-spotting solution on rug - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.Washing rug with solution - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.


For consistent quality, your rugs are evenly washed with 12 soft bristle brushes and special rug shampoo, while flushing out the soap and soil with cold water.

Washing rug through machine - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.Cleaning rug through machine - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.


After our accelerated water extractor removes 85% of the excess water, your rugs are hung in a climate controlled drying room to be quickly and thoroughly dried.

Drying rug through dryer - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.Drying rugs through ventilators - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.


Final quality inspection and grooming of your rugs to prepare for self-pick up or delivery.

Final grooming on rug - Ayoub N&H - Service. Done Better.

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We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Ayoub! The quality of their rug cleaning is top of the line, and surprisingly not as expensive as others in the area. We will definitely be back soon!

Sandra P.

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